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Over time this squill will multiply into an attractive cluster of bulbs and leaves. What You Will Receive Pl Ledebouria pauciflora, Large-leafed Scilla, Bulb/Tuber/Rhizome etc., [L. lutea, Hort. Scilla lutea], San Marcos Growers Ledebouria pauciflora.

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Bot. 3:t.181, 1870). Ledebouria pauciflora Squill. Stock Number: 65824 Availability: In Stock . Family: Asparagaceae Cultural Code: HP TGH what's this?


Ledeburia: hemvård, transplantation och reproduktion, foto

Ledebouria socialis Leopard, Violet or Silver Squill. These are interesting bulbous plants with spotted leaves that thrive in droughty conditions, even if that's not what you intended. For novice growers and those with a yearning to have odd an unusual plants around them, this one is perfect. Ledebouria pauciflora, Large-leafed Scilla, Bulb/Tuber/Rhizome etc., [L.

Ledebouria pauciflora

Ledeburia: hemvård, transplantation och reproduktion, foto

Ledebouria pauciflora

Will be shipped in a two inch pot. Ledebouria socialis, the silver squill or wood hyacinth, is a geophytic species of a bulbous perennial plant native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It was first described by John Gilbert Baker as Scilla socialis in 1870. Use a soil-based potting mixture and plant Ledebouria socialis bulbs in pans or half-pots. Ledebouria socialis 'Paucifolia' (sensu J.G. Baker 1870). This plant can be found under the name Ledebouria "pauciflora" or sometimes Ledebouria "paucifolia". It most likely came from " Scilla (Ledebouria) paucifolia " (Baker, Refug.

Släktet Ledebouria har drygt 50 arter från Afrika söder om Sahara till Sri Lanka.
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Follow Us. @ 2014-03-16 Aug 10, 2015 - Ledebouria socialis is an easy-to-care plant. It needs full sun to partial shade with a well-drained soil mix. Let it dry completely between waterings. Feed monthly with 50% strength soluble house plant food when it is actively growing. Hardy down to freezing so best kept in a frost free place indoors and can be grown outside where there is no danger of frost.

Plant Height: 1 Feet (+/- 20%) Image Specification: The plant is potted in 4 inch pot. Scilla Violacea, Ledebouria Pauciflora Plant quantity. Add to cart. Common names include Silver Squill, Violet Squill, Leopard Lily, South African Scillia, Bluebell, and Wood Hyacinth. Ledebouria socialis (var.
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Ledebouria pauciflora

Plant ID or Location: 512. pauciflora) с зелёными листьями, покрытыми мелкими тёмно-зелёными пятнами, и ледебурия общественная или социалис (L. socialis или сцилла  In that size pot I would water it one to two times weekly, depending on how long it takes for the soil to dry out, the plant leaves will wilt when it needs water. If you up   Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Scilla Pauciflora Ledebouria Pauciflora Scilla Grün Blaustern Vase Topf 9x9x10 bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! 2010-05 [9 cm pot] This plant was bought from Pottokakthus (2008-03).

20xx:049, Asparagaceae, Ledebouria socialis  1995:055, Asparagaceae, Ledebouria socialis, Syskonstjärna, 1995-11-24. 1995:075, Araceae 2001:037, Asparagaceae, Ledebouria pauciflora, 2001-07-01. å få, takk :) Nokk ser dette ut som en Ledebouria pauciflora eller L. socialis.
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Common Names include: ENGLISH: Violet Squill, Leopard Lily, South African Scilla, Bluebell, Silver Squill, Wood hyacinth. Description: The silver squill ( Ledebouria socialis) is a small geophytic, evergreen bulbous member of the lily family that forms small, somewhat teardrop-shaped bulbs that sit on top Ledebouria socialis is one of the most widely cultivated bulbs, favored by succulent growers. It is up to 10 inches (25 cm) tall, with teardrop-shaped bulbs that usually are entirely above the ground with fleshy, up to 6 inches (15 cm) long, lance-shaped leaves that are bright gray-purple with green blotches above. #ledebouria pauciflora #ledebouria #succulents #plants. 9 notes.